fried plantains

I picked up 3 plantains last week. I have never made them before and thought that the kids might like them.  I decided to pair them with a simple meal of pan fried breaded chicken cutlets.  When I purchased them from my local market, they were green, but I let them hang around for about 4 days to ripen up a bit.  I figured they were ready when they became slightly speckled with a darker green blackish color.  They were still firm to the touch.  I sliced the ends of the plantain and scored the peel with a paring knife and peeled away the thick skin.  Note, that the skin of a plantain does not remove as effortlessly as a banana!

First, I sliced them…

Then I fried them in canola oil, about 2 minutes on each side.

After the first fry, season with sea salt while still hot.

Let cool.  Then Lay them between 2 sheets of plastic wrap and flatten them with the back of a ramekin.

Re-fry in the same oil, 2 minutes on each side.  Remove to a plate with paper towel and season again with sea salt.



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3 responses to “fried plantains

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  2. nydia

    Hi Mia!
    Glad to see that you and family enjoyed the fried plantains- its a staple at the Calderon home as it is Ana Sofía’s fave- although she likes them green and not semi sweet ;). As for the paella- its our christmas eve dinner every year! I’d love to exhange recipes 🙂 xo- nydia

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