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skinny women on long island

why does it feel like everyone on Long Island is skinny? and it’s not the teens or 20somethings…it’s the older generations, 30’s, 40’s 50’s…when i say skinny i mean SKINNY! like size 2. do they eat?

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guilt free dinner

I can eat sushi pretty much every day.  I don’t seem to “crave” any other cuisine in the same sick way that I crave sushi.  Of course, I think about and long for other types of food but not exactly in the same way I react to sushi.  There is nothing more *exciting* to me than eating sushi.  I am always so absolutely satisfied mentally and physically.  I think i love it so much because there is no guilt connected with eating (or overeating) sushi.  I never feel *stuffed* or uncomfortable.  

Some of my favorites are hamachi, spanish mackeral, ikura, ika and tako, sweet shrimp, white tuna.. i do like a spicy tuna handroll. My local sushi restaurant (which opened up last year, thank God!!) makes a dish that I LOVE… it’s really spectacular and yet so simple.  Thinly slcied pieces of hamachi (yellow tail) fanned out on a plate with thin slivers of red onion and jalepeno peppers in a very light vinegar sauce.  (pictured above)

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my cookie of the week…

i made a new chocolate cookie recipe, they came out great – quite tasty – not crunchy more on the chewy/soft side – and very pretty to look at. (and easy…)

i wanted to try a few more cookie recipes today but we had friends coming over for a bbq so I did not get around to it. i am planning on staying home tomorrow and planting the rest of my veggie garden and maybe baking some more…i found this chocolate cookie recipe on i highly recommend it… i am thinking about playing around with it and adding some orange zest and brown sugar…

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

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visit to the pork store

i have a serious obsession with food. this has pretty much been a constant throughout my life. i sort of blame AND thank my parents for this. i grew up in an italian household where you were commended for eating. the more you could handle the happier it made my parents. and let me just say that i made my parents very happy. i was lucky and never had to worry about my weight, i have always been small, two children later i am about 20 lbs more than I would like… and i so desperately want to lose it, but my goodness it has been a tough road. i love to eat, i love to shop for food, look at food, talk about it, cook it, experiment with it, grow it, photograph it…food is my weakness.

i stopped by my local italian pork store today to pick up cold cuts for my family for lunch. there is something about just walking into that place that takes me back to my childhood. i used to go with my dad every sunday after church to pick up whatever my mom needed for sunday dinner…usually bread, sausage, chopped meat for meatballs… and whatever we saw that appealed to us. my dad would pick me up and let me look through the glass window to watch them form fresh balls of mozzarella.

now i am all grown up, i have my own local pork store that i go to and everytime i walk in i think of my dad. and i guess in some sort of celebration and out of respect for my dad i always order something for him…so today, in addition to various coldcuts, i came out with a freshly baked loaf of semolina, caponata, fresh warm mozzarella, imported provolone, a new yummy looking olive oil that i drizzled all over my sloppy sandwich…

I have decided that i cannot diet and that i NEED to implement some type of exercise…i know, i’m bad, i don’t exercise…i strongly dislike it…maybe i just have not found the right exercise?
i do however like yoga, but have yet to find a class i like since our move to long island (6 years ago)
i did try hot yoga! omg, another blog! that sucked.
i am really going to try to make an effort to exercise daily and lose 10 lbs, ok there you have it…

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