mini me!

i never really think to make mini cupcakes, but I have to say that I am becoming a convert! they are just so cute, compact and clean looking and…they are only one bite!

what a fun concept for a cocktail party! cocktails and mini cupcakes! we could call it… cuptails! (better than cockcakes!!) i love it…you can have just one teeny itty bitty cupcake for only about 50 calories? maybe less? you can do an evening of all different cupcake flavors and frostings paired with cocktails and coffee! and of course it’s great for kids, so much easier for their little hands to handle…I think that I will make the minis for my daughters valentine’s day party at school this friday…



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2 responses to “mini me!

  1. Hi! Found your site through tastespotting and I love your baking! I actually made a really similar cupcake design for St. Patty’s Day, but I’d love to know where you got those pink nonpareils–they’re so big and cute!

    Keep on bakin’! πŸ™‚

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