simple sparkly cupcake

dsc_00671this one is vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream…with pink sanding sugar and buttercream button with a few simple decorations…


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11 responses to “simple sparkly cupcake

  1. okathleen

    Cupcakes are certainly in vogue in the States, they haven’t quite caught on yet in the UK, but looking at these plumptious beauties, it’s only a matter of time!

  2. danielle

    They are beautiful. Save me a few!!

  3. pietra

    Pink IS the new black.

  4. realistic bird

    I look for many muffin and cupcake recipes to try but this is the cutest cupcake I have ever seen lol!

    Nice blog.

  5. mia

    thank you so much! the feedback is very inspiring…happy baking!

  6. frecklesncurls007


  7. Janet

    Mia, unbelievable! Love the blog, LOVE the goodies!!?? are you selling these or doing it for fun?

    I’m scared of baking. I’m much better with the other stuff. I also don’t have the room to roll out anything. Maybe when I get a house…

  8. theculinaryaddict

    bg, awesome sight. i am in the market for a new camera for my blog. your photos are fantastic, so i hope you could pass along the make? thanks

  9. Ida


    Love it!! Your banana cupcakes look like little candles in the pictures. You are so creative. I expect to be called for sampling the goodies from now on!!!


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