homemade brownies in a jar

i am so happy! the “brownie mix in a jar” that I gave to my friend was a tremendous success! she is a little out of her element in the kitchen, and i am determined to change that. she called me twice yesterday after baking them, to tell me that they came out perfect and were beautiful and billowy and just sublime! she was very impressed with herself and her sudden skillfulness in the kitchen! yippee! that’s so cool… makes me happy to know that her baking went beyond just baking “the perfect brownie”. she remarked that her house smelled like freshly baked chocolate cake, (an aroma rarely smelled in her home…i say all of this with LOVE!!) her family enjoyed a yummy homemade afternoon snack. it took her just a few minutes and the results, she claims, are better than boxed brownies. she is asking for more jars…she wants to have a backup in the cupboard. this is a great fun christmas gift, you can set up an assembly line and have your children help! great for bake sales too!!



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2 responses to “homemade brownies in a jar

  1. danielle

    These brownies are unbelievable. I was a celebrity chef in my own kitchen. So easy to make and the recipe is flawless! Thanks for making me look like I can bake!

  2. how awesome…i always think about making brownies or cookies in a jar as gifts and i never do it. how thoughtful!

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