quick pasta, steak and veggies

my very dear friend was having a small gathering for her husband’s brithday the other night.  she was going to have some of the items catered and some of the menu she was going to attempt to make a herself.  let’s just say that the kitchen is NOT her room of choice.  she really has no interest in cooking.  she is an amazing eater however!  she really has a tremndous appreciation for food and loves to come to my house and sample whatever new recipe i might be trying or go thru my leftovers. she can eat more than anyone i know and she is as skinny as could be.  lucky dog!  so I offered to help her make a few things…i love to cook, especially  for people I love…so the next day i made her a simple pasta: farfale with mozzarella, grape tomatoes and basil dressed with lots of peppery green olive oil, pecorino and black pepper…i also grilled a few flank steaks on the bbq and allowed them to rest, still hot in a bath of olive oil, balsamic fresh garlic and basil before slicing.  we served them with little rolls and a horseradish mayonnaise.  I also made a tray of oven roasted vegetables.


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